Behind the Camera...

 John was born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Queens and was recommended and accepted to the midtown Manhattan, one of a kind, High School of Art and Design for gifted art students. Taught by professionals, he studied art and photography for four periods each day for four years. Later he attended the well known, college level School of Visual Arts (SVA) located on East 23rd Street in Manhattan.

     John went on to have a highly successful art career as a magazine Art Director, Designer and Photographer. He became Art Director of Travel Magazine, Great Foods Magazine, Star Magazine, Fishing World Magazine and San Francisco Business Magazine. John was always in demand and never out of work for even one day of his 40 year professional career.

     His photos have appeared in the above magazines and other national publications with his fine art canvases being exhibited in both New York and Florida. He critiqued student art work and lectured at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). 

     He served in The United States Navy for 20 years, both active duty and reserve. His duty took him througout the United States and many countries both in Europe and  Asia.

     When not photographing wildlife and landscapes John is presently kept busy in the Real Estate industry photographing homes and condos for four major real estate firms in SW Florida.   

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